How To Redo Countertops

How To Redo Countertops

Have the countertops in your house become old and tarnished and are deteriorating the look and feel of the entire room? If you find yourself in a similar condition then fret not, as the experts at K&B Cabinet are here to help you figure out how to redo countertops. Today we are bringing to you some techniques that our home design experts use to make your old and damaged countertops new and appealing again. If you want to make your countertops to look like new in order to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom without having to replace the entire countertops, then this detailed guide on how to redo countertops will surely help you a lot.

How To Redo Countertops
How To Redo Countertops

If your countertops have become chipped and scratched from years of brunt of pots, pans, water and many other reasons, then the first thing that comes to your mind is Googling how to redo countertops. Here are some cost effective and easy to do steps that you can take to redo your countertops without having to spend a lot on them.

Use a Feather Finish Coat

If your concrete countertops have chipped off or have been scratched, then you can use a feather finish coat as a cheap way to give them a prime luxurious feel. To do this, sand your countertop’s surface and then apply a feather finish product, as per the instructions given. Coat your concrete countertop with an even layer and leave it to dry. Once it has dried up, sand it again with a 120 grit sandpaper. Apply at least two layers and your concrete countertops can be transformed into something that is as good as new.

Use Paint To Cover Up The Etching

In case the upper surface of your formica or laminate countertops has started to etch away, you can restore them to their previous glory by using paints. Using sponges and different brushes, you can make them look like premium faux-stone material and hide the etching underneath the paint coat. 

How To Redo Countertops | Use Contact Paper

If you are not the owner but a renter and cannot make much changes to the house, then you can use contact paper to cover up the wearing off of your countertops’ surface. Clean your countertop’s surface thoroughly and then allow it to dry up completely making sure that no small solid particles remain on the surface. Then position your contact paper so that there are as few seams as possible and flatten it using a hard plastic card like your credit card. Trim the excess edges, apply a coat of sealant and voila! Your brand new countertops are ready at extremely minimal costs.

These were some of the ways for how to redo countertops using which you can give your old countertops a new feel. If you want help from expert professionals in giving your kitchen and bathroom a modified and modern look, then you can contact us at We have highly experienced professionals who have all the required knowledge and years of experience to provide you with the best kitchen and bathroom services. You can also come visit us at your nearest K&B Cabinet store.