How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Color

Your kitchen cabinets play a very essential role in giving your kitchen a unique look and feel. As they are usually installed near the top of the walls or below the countertops, they add a highlight to the walls of the kitchen and thus give an eye soothing appeal with the contrasting colors and looks. Therefore, how to change kitchen cabinet color is an important question that needs to be addressed professionally.

If your kitchen cabinets have become old then there is a very high possibility that their surface might have been etched and color faded. This makes your kitchen look ill managed and diminishes its beauty. Or maybe you are unsatisfied with the overall look of your kitchen and are looking to remodel your kitchen. This will also require changing the kitchen cabinet color to give your kitchen a wholesome look.


How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Color
How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Color

Do you also find yourself in a similar condition and want to know how to change kitchen cabinet color in a DIY project? The expert kitchen designing team from K&B Cabinet is here to show you how to change kitchen cabinet color all from your home. Follow this easy to follow step by step guide to change your kitchen cabinet color.

Scrape and sand the cabinets

First of all gently scrape the cabinets to remove any solid traces of the previous paint. Doing this will make sure that the new paint will not be affected by the previous color of the cabinets. After you’ve scraped off the old paint, sand the cabinets using a sandpaper to smoothen the surface. This will also remove any leftover paint residue.

Clean the surface

Next, you’ll need to blow high pressure air on the cabinet surface to clean all the small granules left after sanding. Then using a wet cloth, wipe the cabinet’s surface and clean it.

Apply the primer

Prime the cabinets with the help of a 3 inch wide angled sash brush. Begin applying the primer from the seams and then gradually move in to the center of the face for each side. Let the primer coat dry for 24-36 hours before applying the paint. The paint will flake off if you don’t apply the primer correctly.

Paint on the cabinets

After the primer has dried up completely, you can start painting on them. Mix 32 ounces of latex paint with 2 gallons of water based paints to obtain a tough layer of paint that can withstand heavy abuse. Then use a paintbrush to paint the cabinets with contrasting colors that match with the walls and enhance the look of your kitchen. Let the paint dry completely then apply another coat and then let it dry completely too. After they have dried up, you’ll get the most beautiful kitchen with custom painted cabinets. 

How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Color

These were the steps involved in how to change kitchen cabinet color. By following these simple steps you can give your kitchen an amazing look that will completely transform the way you feel about it.

If you need any professional help for changing kitchen cabinet color, then contact us at K&B Cabinet. We will give you the best quality kitchen and bathroom services at highly affordable costs. Make sure to choose us.