How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen is incomplete without the perfect kitchen cabinet for increasing the storage space. But, cabinets are not useful for only storage. They act as an outline to your kitchen’s walls and add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Therefore it is very essential to keep them decorative so that they can add a bit of contrast to your kitchen. Today, the expert kitchen designers of K&B Cabinet are here to tell you how to build kitchen cabinet doors that will beautify your kitchen.

Frankly speaking, all cabinets are nothing but empty boxes and there’s not much you can do to the external box design of the cabinets. But the cabinet doors can act as the place for you to show your creativity and imagination. With this DIY guide on how to build kitchen cabinet doors, you too can make beautiful kitchen cabinet doors that will strike a perfect combination of usability and decorativeness. 

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How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Step-by-step DIY Kitchen Cabinet Doors Guide

  • Select the right material

First of all select the material that you would like to use for building your kitchen cabinet doors. There are plenty of options available to you for this purpose depending upon the type of usage that you want. If you want to install the doors just below the countertop that are susceptible to water spills, then you should go for synthetic boards and avoid any kind of woodwork there. For the overhead cabinets that need to be more showy, you can choose Birchwood as it is very easy to paint over and gives a premium look.

  • Measure out the cabinet dimensions

Carefully measure out the dimensions of your kitchen cabinets and the size of doors that you want. You should measure out a little extra part so that processing losses don’t make it shorter later on.

  • Cut out the required shapes

Now cut out the shapes of your kitchen cabinet doors as per the design and measurements. Here, you need to decide as to what style of doors you want – a hinged double door, a hinged single door, a sliding door or any other variety that you want.

  • Apply paint to decorate

Paint over your kitchen cabinet doors in colors that contrast the colors of your kitchen’s walls in order to better highlight the outlines. You can choose your own designs and patterns to paint on your kitchen cabinet doors. 

  • Fix the doors in place

Go to the market and bring in the hinges, screws, sliders and other things that may be needed to install your kitchen cabinet doors as per the design chosen by you. If you are doing a hinge door, then install two hinges leaving ⅕th of the length of the door from either end. In case of a slider door, make sure to cover the entire cabinet end to end to ensure a snug closure. Then install the knobs and apply the locks if required and you’ll have perfect kitchens cabinet doors ready in your kitchen.

How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How to build kitchen cabinet doors can be understood by the step by step procedures in this guide. Follow these for your DIY cabinet doors installations. You can also contact K&B Cabinet for installing elegant kitchen cabinet doors for your amazing kitchen. Contact us today.