How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Loose and cranky kitchen cabinet doors are a pretty common kitchen issue faced by almost everyone once in a while. So, you should know how to adjust kitchen cabinet hinges on your own. This is what the kitchen designers at K&B Cabinet have to say regarding this issue.

Your kitchen cabinet doors are opened and closed multiple times in a single day for keeping various stuff and taking them out. So their hinges are bound to get loose over time. With time, the kitchen cabinet doors get saggy and their hinges often come loose. With this guide on how to adjust kitchen cabinet hinges, you can be sure to correct them the next time you face such a problem. 

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How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Here’s how you can adjust the hinges on your kitchen cabinet cabinet doors all by yourself.

How a Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Works?

Before turning our focus on how to adjust kitchen cabinet hinges, let us first understand how a kitchen cabinet hinge is fixed in place. Different brands have hinges varying slightly from each other but the essential practice is that they come in two parts. The first one screws to the cabinet door with the help of two holding screws, while the other screws onto the cabinet using two holding screws.

Both these parts are slotted together and are secured in place using a locking screw which is tightened to hold the cabinet door in place. At the last, there is an adjustment screw that changes the door’s angle of tilt and separation from the cabinet.

Steps to Adjust Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

  1. First of all, ensure that the locking screw of the hinge is fixed tightly. The loosening of this screw causes the cabinet door to slide in or out from its original position as this part of the hinge slides against the other parts. To fix this, open the door slightly and tighten the locking screw while pushing the door inwards so as to maintain an approximate gap of 1mm between the door and the cabinet.
  2. If the looseness isn’t fixed by this, take a look at the fixed door screws and the adjustable cupboard screws of the hinge. If you find them loose, then tighten them up. If they don’t get tightened properly, you will have to discard the screws completely and put in fatter and longer ones in their replacement. Just make sure that the screws are just long enough to fix the hinge and not too long that they pierce right through the wooden cabinet door. If your screws did not go straight and have left a bigger hole than there is supposed to be, you’ll have to fill the excess holes with a good quality two part wood filler to get a good tight connection. It would be highly recommended that you use a drill machine first to drill a screw hole and then screw up the hinge.

 This is all you need to know to learn how to adjust kitchen cabinet hinges all by yourself. If you need any professional help, then you can visit us at your nearest K&B Cabinet showroom and seek our support. We will do our best to help you out. Connect with us today.