How Deep Are Countertops

How Deep Are Countertops

Has your kitchen gone old and busty with chipped off and scratched countertops and you’re looking to remodel your kitchen? If yes then you should do proper research about what dimensions of countertops you should choose for the best fit and optimal usage of the available space. You should know how deep are countertops and what is the surface area that needs to be covered so that you get a countertop surface that is 100 percent perfect and as per your requirement. So today we are here to answer your question of how deep are countertops

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What is Average Depth of Countertops

The depth of your countertops may vary as per the place where they are being installed. Here are the average depths of a few types of countertops:

Kitchen Countertop

The average depth of a kitchen countertop varies from 23½ inches to 25½, the latter size being the more preferable. Any size smaller than this will hamper your functionality in the kitchen, whereas a bigger size will mean wastage of space. The fine tuning of ergonomics with design will lead to a beautifully designed countertop that will not only add enormous amounts of beauty to your kitchen, but will also give you ample amount of space for storage and functionality so that you enjoy your time in the kitchen. 

Bathroom Countertop

On average, the depth of a bathroom countertop varies from 19 inches to 21 inches. The reason being the maximization of space for the bottom cabinets and the mirror on top. With a perfectly positioned countertop, you can easily place your bathroom products like shaving cream, soaps, toothbrush, razor and other things on top of it, while you can use the cabinet space below to  store other washing products like washing soda, cleaners and toiletries.

Physical Factors Determining How Deep Are Countertops

If you are going for a DIY countertop installation in your house then the question of how deep are countertops might have popped up in your mind. The answer to this question is that the depth of your countertops depends upon a variety of physical factors. The depth of your countertops is limited by these physical factors and these play a deciding role in determining how deep are countertops in your home.

Some of the physical factors on which the depth of your countertops depends are:

How Deep Are Countertops Height of the user

The depth of the countertops need to be of the sufficient measurement so that the user can reach the surface easily. It should not be so low that the user needs to stoop down neither should it be so high that the user cannot access the surface easily. The standard depth of 23½ inches to 25½ inches is in accordance with the average American height of 5’9″. 

Cabinet Space Required

The cabinets that go beneath the countertop also decides how deep are countertops going to be. If you want more cabinet space, then you’ll need bigger cabinets thus increasing the depth of countertops. Whereas a cabinet with a smaller space will give less depth to the countertop.

This was what the experts at K&B Cabinet have to say for how deep are countertops. For anymore information and clarifications, feel free to connect with us.